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Greggs V Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Doughnuts

Nothing says I love you like a themed high-calorie snack. But which one is the Valentine’s victor?

Written by . Published on February 14th 2012.

Greggs V Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Doughnuts

SHOVE a heart on anything these days and you can get away with calling it a Valentine’s Day gift. Well here’s one for you. Not bought your loved one a gift yet? How about a doughnut, filled with love, jam and cream too.

“It’s trying to be something it is not with a lingering bitter aftertaste, akin to an ex who still wants to stalk you.”

Greggs and Krispy Kreme are both at it, but which is better?

There’s only one way to find out and it isn’t by dressing up as doughnuts and scrapping on Harry Hill. Instead the Confidential office did what they do best one pre-Valentine afternoon. In went the goods, out came the comments...

Greggs V Krispy KremeGreggs V Krispy Kreme


Krispy Kreme’s heart-shaped doughy delights (£1.60 or 12 for £10.95)
have been filled with raspberry cheesecake filling, dipped in white Belgian chocolate icing and decorated with raspberry sauce. They also sell a chocolate cheesecake filled version with dark Belgian chocolate topping. The heart shape was appealing to all in the office. "Cute" and "like a gift" were some of the praises given.

Over on the Greggs plate, it was less obvious what special day they were going for because every day is a big fat doughy cream cake eating day in the Confidential office. The fresh cream berry pink doughnuts are definitely Greggs’ Valentine’s treat (86p or 2 for £1.65) it’s just they like to be a little less obvious than their American counterparts.

It was a tough one to call a winner on appearance. The Greggs doughnut looked all pink, fluffy and inviting. It had height too and you could see the lashings of fresh cream oozing out of the sides. It screamed ‘eat me’, but more fit for the purpose of the day the Krispy Kreme doughnut suggested ‘eat my heart out’. 1-0 to Krispy Kreme.

Greggs V Krispy KremeGreggs V Krispy Kreme


Being smaller than the Greggs, you could look at the Krispy Kreme doughnuts and think you could easily eat five. But that’ll just be the Krispy Kreme glaze over your eyes, as Confidential editor Jonathan Schofield found.

“It has that bubble gum odd taste as usual and then a simply vile Angel Delight type mix in the middle. I threw half of it in the bin” he said.

Others were more broken hearted over the lack of the ‘vile Angel Delight mix in the middle’ Jonathan spoke of.

“The filling was odd, but nice, although there wasn’t enough of it so the doughnut was a bit dry” said one unfulfilled mid-afternoon snacker. Others were more scientific in their approach: “The main reason for the Krispy Kreme fail is that clearly the piping gun they use can’t get into the top chamber of the heart.” No one likes an empty heart, especially on February 14.

Greggs on the other hand were generous. So much so that some argued it wasn’t a doughnut but more a “cream tea disguised in dough.” And it’s because of the freshness of the cream that it wasn’t as sickly sweet as you’d expect a doughnut to be, as one beamed: “It’s not too sickly but really homely, stodgy stuff to warm the cockles of your heart.” One a piece thus far.

Greggs V Krispy KremeGreggs V Krispy Kreme

After Taste And Final Thoughts

Truth is you can’t judge a doughnut by its cover (the icing on both was equally unnecessary) or shape for that matter. You can’t even really judge it after the first bite. It’s how it leaves you feeling that’s the ultimate decider.

Expectations were high for the Krispy Kreme because doughnuts are after all their staple item, but sadly “it just didn’t achieve the great standards previously shown in the original Krispy Kreme doughnut and other varieties.”

Krispy KremeKrispy Kreme

Others “felt mildly sick after eating it” but the Krispy Kreme crescendo came from a heavily scarred sales associate with personal issues who jibed: “It’s trying to be something it is not with a lingering bitter aftertaste, akin to an ex who still wants to stalk you.”

Greggs were on the home straight with this one and although there were one or two who still felt cheated that it wasn’t your typical looking jam filled or ring shaped doughnut, the majority admitted it had won them over.

“The fresh cream and jam combination is lovely” said a member of staff still stuffing it in. “Greggs is substantial, solid and yet lifted by the cream and sweetened by the icing” concluded Jonathan Schofield not throwing half into the bin but all of it into his mouth.

2-1 to Greggs. Now go and buy a big box of these and take them home to eat on Valentine’s Day evening. Signifiant other is optional.

Greggs WinGreggs Win

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AnonymousFebruary 14th 2012.


Isabella JacksonFebruary 14th 2012.

"Nothing says I love you like a themed high-calorie snack". Someone needs a reality check

AnonymousFebruary 15th 2012.

Very pleased to see the Greggs win, I've long been a champion of the Greggs doughnut over the over priced lumps of synthetic American stodge produced by Krispy Kreme

Katie McCabeFebruary 16th 2012.

I like Krispy Kreme as I prefer the cakey style donuts that they have within their offerings. (True confession--I'm an American). It seems that most British donuts--whether available through Gregg's, grocery markets, or even "American Donut" at the Arndale are of that puffy glazey variety...if that makes any sense. I like a good old Homer Simpson style cakey ring donut--dense, crummy, and best with a hot cup of coffee. These can be enjoyed with or without frosting, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or other accoutrements. You get me, Manchester?

AnonymousMarch 1st 2012.

yep alls good and well...but why support Greggs who are using slave labour of our unemployed people who are treated as criminals by the press and a political football too.

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